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NAACP Boycotts Kid Rock

In an amazing display of ignorance, supporters of the NAACP plan to boycott an annual fundraiser in Detroit honoring Kid Rock. According to these protesters, the singer doesn’t mesh with their goals, or more specifically, they don’t agree that he should be honored because he displays the Confederate Southern Cross flag at his concerts. According to Adolph Mongo, head of Detroiters for Progress, the flag is a “symbol of hatred and bigotry.”

Are you kidding me? If anything, such a statement is an example of hatred and bigotry. If Mr. Mongo is implying that the flag is associated with the KKK, then he’d better boycott the American flag as well, since it is also used by the KKK. And in an even more interesting twist, top officials of the NAACP refuse to acknowledge Mongo and his followers, stating that Kid Rock deserves the honor because of all he’s done for the city of Detroit.

Kid Rock will receive the Great Expectations Award on May 1 at the Cobo Center. He was unavailable for comment, but previously said in a 2008 interview with the Guardian in Britain that he considers the flag to represent Southern rock and roll. You go, Kid Rock! As for the NAACP protesters, your over-reaction to the Confederate flag is becoming tiresome, and makes you look ridiculous. Please find something more worthwhile to protest.

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