J.D.R. Hawkins

One bullet can make a man a hero… or a casualty.

The Civil War Enters the 21st Century

It was only inevitable that history would someday become modernized. Technology has advanced to the point that now events concerning the Civil War are being demonstrated through the use of computer-generated graphics and learning tools. One such tool is the “Battle App,” which has recently been introduced by the Civil War Preservation Trust.

The app provides a mobile battlefield tour of Gettysburg, using GPS technology and iPhone capabilities. The “Gettysburg Battle App” focuses on battles that occurred at Little Round Top and Devil’s Den. It provides audio and video lessons to listeners as they tour the battlefield, and comes with augmented maps of these locations.

Because of this innovative technology that anyone can access, visitors can enjoy the benefits of a historian-led tour of the Gettysburg battlefield. The app is easily downloaded from the Apple iTunes store for use on iPhones. CWPT is in the process of enabling other GPS-enabled platforms, such as the Blackberry and Android phones, to use the app in the near future. The organization is also working on “Battle Apps” for other significant Civil War battlefields.

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